Coming Soon:

I was invited to appear on a Vietnamese TV program to talk about Microblading.  Since this is still a new technique for a lot of people.  Thus they wanted me to talk about the procedure, the benefits, the risks, and who should or should not have it done. 

The show will be air on:

Direct TV: Asian World Media 2032 / Đời Sống Quanh Ta by Mai Vy for 1 month

Then local channel 22.7

YouTube: to follow 

The host of this show accidentally tumble upon my article on a Vietnamese Newspaper regarding Microblading.  She thought it was educational so she contacted me to appear on her show.  The show is about inviting different guests from all professions to talk about  topics and services that are new and  beneficial to the community.  Below is the link to a copy of the article online.

Vien Dong jpeg.jpg
Vien Dong jpeg 2.jpg